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    This audio is from a marriage retreat that my wife and I attended and it was fantastic!
    Maranatha Marriage Retreat
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    Gods Music
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    God's Song
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    If you need a breakthrough, a miracle, answers to your prayers, PLEASE listen to this sermon and believe by this time tomorrow your situation will be changed. I did for me! If the AUDIO Skips push PAUSE and WAIT for the audio to load for 2-3 minutes then rewind and hit play again.
    By This Time Tomorrow
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    Samples of original compositions by my friend, Jim Sims, Co Director of Contact Jim here for information on how you can purchase one or more of his CDs.
    Compositions by Jim Sims
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    God of All Gods
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  • Created August 15, 2010 by Mike Hudson - 2 comments
    These are a few samples of the musical artistry of my dear friend Jim Sims. He writes all of the music he records and he himself is as spiritually profound as his music. His website is here :
    Musical Messages by Jim Sims
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    Profile Playlist
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