Paid In Full! This Story Is Pure Inspiration.

Paid In Full! This Story Is Pure Inspiration.


Paid In Full!

That statement is music to our ears.  We know Jesus has suffered for our sins that we might be FREE and will LIVE EVERLASTING with him!  Count yourself blessed.

This video Paid In Full has many inspiring messages. It is a great video to share with family and friends because it is a rich story of choices, values and human nature.

Underlying it all, is the message to keep your faith strong in our Father, rather than being quick to judge. He is taking care of you and providing for you.  Sometimes you just don’t see it right away because there is a bigger plan for you.
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What a wonderful message for all of us. Who we are and what we become are more important than our achievements. Our achievements are only temporary. Being loving. caring and compassionate inspire inner peace, peace of mind and happiness. The message above was looking past our own selfishness and being self absorbed. We can’t afford to miss the important messages in life – otherwise you may lose what is crucial to your makeup and that is unconditional love. God gave us all unconditional love by giving his son Lord Jesus who was an example to all of us on how to live life. His son paid the ultimate sacrifice for us all so that we could learn to live life the way it was meant to be. We always need to see the bigger picture and trust those whom we love. May God bless you all – Lou

Lou, Thank you for your comment. Beautifully stated. God’s unconditional love is the key to life.

Thank you for this lovely story .God our Father has done all things well He gave us His Son .Praise God Lord Jesus paid the price in full so we can have his promise fulled in our lives that if we seek His kingdom and His righteousness all theses things will be added unto us.Thank you Father God for Lord Jesus
God bless u richly Lynn