Only 1 Thing Is Important, So Stop Worrying!

Only 1 Thing Is Important, So Stop Worrying!


We worry about so many things!  We let fear take over and stop listening to God’s word for us.

For Christians, Troy Black explains how only 1 thing is important and that one thing is what we should be focused on daily.  God will take care of the rest, just stop trying to control all the details and have faith.

Please watch this inspirational video.  Regardless of how you feel right now, it will really help you relax and enjoy the day.



P.S.  Thanksgiving Thanks:   I am thankful for this message from Troy.  It helps me put my life in perspective and realize God is in control.

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  1. Rita on

    Can’t even imagine what this message meant to me….a worry-holic !! Yep ! I’ve been finding the same is true of late….the process isn’t over….I could have given some similar testimony,

    Needed to get an orange tree pruned, but couldn’t figure out how to get that done and I left it up to our Creator….the tree got so much fruit on it that it weighted down the tree and branches broke…then new shoots came up where it broke….the tree pruned itself, and have the fruit besides! God is willing to prune us. We just have to be willing to let Him!

    I asked The Lord how I could get my house painted the paint was embarrassing…the neighbor had a young man who painted their house really nice. I asked the young man his method, got some good ideas, tried to get some paint and color tint and tried to think of how I could get it done. A retired friend of mine asked if I needed any help. I said I was painting the trim on the house and that one side needed some paint. She and her husband came over and painted, in two days, the entire outside of the house (I finished the trim!!) not even realizing that they had some houses and property and were always painting houses!!! God’s Favor!!!! Whenever you ask for your need…… (only one thing is needful….turn to God!)

    I’m thinking ….well, what about the dishes in the sink and and potatoes that need cooking….
    I bet if Martha was there with Mary, then they just might not have been hungry….Jesus would have helped get the meal somehow (fish & loaves) and no dishes, just peel and bite…..a way would have been provided. First things first!!!

    • Lynn Smith on

      Thank you for sharing Rita! Your message is inspiration.

  2. Dessie A Alexander on

    Thank you, this is just what I needed!

  3. Anna Mendoza on

    Thank you for this inspiring thought. Its a reminder how the Lord wants His people to live life to the full…that is living worry-free daily. At first, it isn’t easy not to worry…not easy to not do anything about lack of money, not having food to eat, not thinking of your marriage at stake. But a practice of trust, reverence and love of the Lord Jesus is really a wonderful way of living. With you looking up to the Lord every time of need and turmoil and lack, your work is no longer for earning, but for enjoyment; your lack of food is no longer starvation, but a call to appreciate and count what you have; marriage turmoil is not a problem, but for God to work things in His perfect ways. In Him, you will never ran out of food to eat, you’ll never be in debt, or lack of money to pay your needs, your marriage will never remain broken forever. Because He is a faithful, thoughtful provider, Father, lover. Have the faith, believe right!

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