4 Tips: How To Keep Your Friendships Strong

4 Tips: How To Keep Your Friendships Strong


Friends are amazing gifts in life!

Maintaining friendships can be challenging. Sometimes friends can grow apart because of circumstances, distance or life changes.  Also, as we get older it gets harder to stay in touch.

Watch the wonderful video about how you can keep your friendships strong and reconnect with friends that you have lost touch with over time.



P.S.  Thanksgiving Thanks:  Thanks for my friends, some close, some were in my life for only a short time and some lifetime friends.  All are important to me.

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  1. Lynda on

    Hey! Thanks! This was not across my computer by accident! The more wired we are, the more likely we get “lost” – gives me a good kick in the butt to stay in touch! 🙂 Thanks so much for the positive blessings and I wish them back for you! 🙂 (pray them back! )

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