God Has Not Forgotten You!

God Has Not Forgotten You!


There are moments in life that can be really hard and deeply depressing.

This video of great inspirational quotes will inspire you to realize God has not forgotten you. There is hope.  There is light.  Keep moving ahead step by step.  God Is With YOU!



P.S.  Thanksgiving Thanks:  I give thanks for the hard times in my life.  I take those moments to learn and change and grow.

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I really needed to see god has not forgotten me I was in need of hearing it as I was feeling really down and the tears had started to floe so thank you

Aaaaaw so lovely thankyou,we all need uplifting sometimes,
thankyou Lynn and God Bless you so much for your encouragment,and, No God will never leave us nor forsake us it is written, we have a loving Father who loves us dearly we just need to be reminded now and then xxx