Enjoy the Compound Effect in your Life!

Enjoy the Compound Effect in your Life!


Have you ever heard of the 10,000 hour rule?  It’s a great theory that states that to become an expert at anything, one has to put in 10,000 hours worth of education.   That’s equivalent to studying/learning 40 hours a week for 5 years – the same time (approximately) that it takes to earn a college degree.


If you have set any new goals or “resolutions” this month to kick off the New Year,  there is a book I’d like to recommend that has a lot of inspiration to help you stay on track.  In his book “The Compound Effect”, Darren Hardy – the publisher of “Success” magazine,  compares the lives of three friends;


One made a simple – positive and “disciplined” lifestyle change, one didn’t change anything at all and the third friend made a simple lifestyle change as well, but it was one that ignored any kind of discipline.  Darren writes:  “At the end of 10 months, we still can’t see noticeable changes in any of their lives. But at about month 25, we start seeing really measurable, visible differences. At month 27, we see an expansive difference. And by month 31, the change is startling.” 

In this video – (CLICK HERE) Darren talks about his book.

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