Diana Nyad – an inspiration to all of us!

Diana Nyad – an inspiration to all of us!


Fulfilling a 35 year old dream, 64 yr old Diana Nyad just swam from Cuba to Florida!!  As incredible as that sounds, it is her life principles that are most inspiring.

What got her though 53 hours of swimming in windy, shark infested waters?…  She thought about people who inspired her (I wonder who all they were?…) and she talked positively to herself; “Never give up… no matter what struggles or hardships that come my way…. if you can only reach that other shore… FIND A WAY!”

In these two videos we can all learn a thing or two about perseverance from Diana.  We should all adopt;  “Make This Day Worth While” – just one of her empowering mottos!

You’ll find inspiration in hero videos   (CLICK HERE to watch)

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