The Inspiring Resilience of Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton

The Inspiring Resilience of Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton


Bethany Hamilton  got married last year! You might remember her incredible luck of having her arm bitten off by a shark 10 years ago. Of course I’m being facetious but it almost seems like something positive when you look at the way that Bethany handled that dire situation.

Ten years ago Bethany was a 13 year old competitive surfer just having another normal day in the ocean. While out on her surfboard that day, a tiger shark came along and simply bit off her entire left arm.

Bethany survived and amazingly less than a month later she was back in the ocean! She now uses that tragedy as a platform for triumph and is a source of inspiration to millions through her public appearances. She loves to share her story of faith in God, determination, and hope*

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