Sometimes You Just Gotta Move to a Different Beat!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Move to a Different Beat!


In this video the band MercyMe sings “Move”. This song, which is now on my workout playlist, (as the kids on American Bandstand would say, “It’s got a great beat and it’s easy to dance to” or in my case ‘easy to workout to’) is all about moving to a different drum when things don’t go our way.

This song surely must hold significant meaning for the lead singer Bart Miller. He was on track to become a football star like his brother and his father – who was a Southern Methodist University All-American player – when ankle injuries forced him to “move to a different beat”. Sadly, that pain was nothing compared to the pain felt over the loss of his father when he was a freshman in college.

So, as the story, and the song, goes… he moved! over to choir!! He soon began to work with his youth group’s worship band and the rest is history. The bands albums have all gone gold, platinum or double platinum and this song highlights why they are such a favorite in the Christian music world. Great Advice*

You’re feet can’t help but move when you hear this positive upbeat song!


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