Figure Out Where You “Are” and You’ll Get “There”!

Figure Out Where You “Are” and You’ll Get “There”!


Darren Hardy has spent the last decade being the publisher of Success magazine.  One of his motto’s is “Be The Exception”.

Darren was raised by his father and one of my favorite stories that he tells takes place when he was 6 years old.  He had just completed a day of skiing and he hadn’t fallen once!  He couldn’t wait to tell his dad and when he did his dad simply said, “Well, you didn’t get any better”.  This was absolutely not the response Darren was expecting and then, after a few short seconds, his dad said this:  “Darren, if you don’t push yourself past your current ability – you can’t grow.  You “must” fall to improve”.

In this fun video, Darren – just like his dad – teaches a valuable insight that I think is a perfect “refresher course” to use as we begin this New Year.

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