A man of science and his “Proof Of Heaven”

A man of science and his “Proof Of Heaven”


There always a tinge of anticipation when we hear about someone who was close to passing on – and then got to see and experience something celestial – and then lived to tell about it. In his book, Dr. Eben Alexander III’s story is especially compelling because he has spent his entire career as a man of science – and of all things – a brain surgeon!

In this video he admits that during his career and with all his education he did not believe in heaven or God. However, it was during a bout with meningitis when he had an encounter that can only be described as miraculous. To a believer who believes in God and heaven, his experience only confirms what we know in our hearts. To someone on the fence, Dr. Alexander offers his own “Proof Of Heaven”.

CLICK HERE and listen to his wondrous story*

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