Building On Faith

Building On Faith


Can you imagine taking extreme measures, to fill a need, using virtually non-existent techniques, in order to provide a solution that is seemingly impossible?

I know – that is a lot to digest… but that is exactly what happened in this story and it is a direct parallel to what God did for us.

In the mid 1800′s, in an exceptionally steep and extremely high section of the Alps between Vienna, Austria and Venice, Italy there was a need for a railroad. Not just any track … the 25 mile stretch of railroad that was built had over 14 tunnels, 16 viaducts and well over 100 bridges.

Most intriguing is that the railroad was built using methods and tools that had to be newly designed in order to accommodate the challenging terrain – for a train that had yet to be created specifically for the railroad!

When I think of the magnificent Semmering Railroad, I cannot help but think of God who took extreme measures when he sent Jesus to fill our need of hope for a loving God. He too used non-existent techniques, when Jesus was born from a virgin, in order to provide us with a seemingly impossible solution – Our Salvation*

The inspiring Semmering, which is still in use today, is a beautiful example of what can be done when we have faith!

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