Imagine… Tap Dancing In Your 90’s!

Imagine… Tap Dancing In Your 90’s!


That old saying “Use it or Lose it” is definitely inspiring after watching this video!

Louise Neistat was a tap dancing instructor for 70 years.  Although no longer with us – she inspires us to not look at age as an obstacle.

While watching Dr. Charles Stanley this morning – it was as though he had Ms. Neistat in mind as he spoke.

Ironically his sermon was about the “L” words that we are to live by and “L”ouise” seemed to emplify each “L”esson….(!)

Per Dr./Pastor Stanley – throughout our entire life we are to always:

Learn, Love, Laugh, Leave (our cares/woes behind us), keep Longing (dreaming about the future), Look (our Best), keep Laboring (be fruitful all the days of our lives), keep Leaning (on the Lord – trusting him to give us wisdom and guidance), keep Listening (to God) ( – “What is God’s will for my life?… “Listen”! ….. What decisions should I make? ….. “Listen”! ).  All of these lessons are essential to living a profitable life.

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