Be Brave! Take That First Step*

Be Brave! Take That First Step*


Sometimes we just need a little nudge to motivate us to act on something we’ve been putting off.

This video has a powerful message that we “all” need!

Don’t let how old you are (or how young you are)  – or how busy, weak or tired etc. you might think you are – get in the way of taking that first step to becoming a better stronger you!

Whether it’s taking a making a needed phone call, taking a class, filing your taxes, walking a mile a day, painting a room in your house – or a picture for a wall in your house(!) Take that first step every day and then the next day take another first step.  Make looking “forward only” your new goal!

Go after your dreams – it just takes work and you’re worth it!

Always Sending Upward Wishes,


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