A New Way To Celebrate Your Birthday

A New Way To Celebrate Your Birthday


This young lady did something for others on her own 20th Birthday!

I’ve done something similar – One year my husband and I threw a big “Birthday” party and I asked everyone to bring a gift for a child.  Since my birthday is near the end of the year, I then donated them all at Christmas time to my favorite local charity “Interfaith”.  I can’t take credit for this idea – my cousin has done the same thing for years.  For her 50th birthday she threw herself a BIG party and asked her friends and family to bring jeans or socks which she then donated to a homeless shelter.  Everyone was very generous and she actually had to rent a small u-haul truck to take the bounty!

It’s a great way to celebrate a new year in your life and it feels SO GOOD!  I hope you might consider doing something like this – you can take your special day and use it to make a special day for so many others*

To Birthdays!


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