Everyday Matters!

Everyday Matters!


The artist / author in this video is a true source of inspiration!

Danny Gregory married the girl of his dreams and after a few years they had their first child.  Before that child was a year old his wife had a horrific accident that put her in a wheelchair.

His wife Patti adopted a new attitude and each night she would tell Danny about the new ‘best friend’ she’d met that day while out and about.  Sometimes it was a tourist or a vegan or a vagrant!

So Danny used his wife as his inspiration and he decided he would learn how to draw so he could chronicle their lives through his drawings and writings.  Sadly, years later another accident took Patti’s life but Danny has continued to raise his son and *draw*  (One of his many books is called “Everyday Matters”)

Here is a little blip into his morning…  When life give you lemons – Don’t be afraid to make Lemonade!

Live Inspired*


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