Hallelujah! sung by the Amazing Acapella Group Pentatonix

Hallelujah! sung by the Amazing Acapella Group Pentatonix


This song “Hallelujah was written by the iconic songwriter Leonard Cohen.  (Leonard had a grandfather who was a Rabbi and he had been told that he was a descendant of Aaron the high priest.)

It took Leonard 5 years to write this song and it is easily the most popular piece he ever wrote.  It has been recorded by almost 200 artists from around the world.

His roots come through in this song.  Throughout the song bible passages are referenced, and tweaked a little.  What Cohen wanted to convey in this song was that we are all a little broken and no matter what conflicts we are dealing with – we can all use a little Hallelujah! (Praise Joyously!) in our lives. ”  Essentially is an updated and beautiful praise song.

Singing it is the  5 member acapella group Pentatonix who known for their incredible harmonies.  After one member was persuaded to audition for the acalpella competition show The Sing Off – he asked 4 of his friends to join him and they met to rehearse for the first time – the night before the audition.  And they WON the 3rd season!  Hallelujah!

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