Become A “No Matter What” Person – Les Brown Inspires

Become A “No Matter What” Person – Les Brown Inspires


Les Brown has a contagious smile and he always inspires.  He and his twin brother were born in an abandoned building.  They were then given up and then adopted by a hard working single woman who was a cook and a maid. He has always said that it was through her strength and character that he found his inspiration.

As a child in school he was labeled mentally retarded and he believed that title given to him until he learned how Not to believe the labels that other people put on you.  He made a career out of teaching others how to tap into the (God given) unlimited power that resides in all of us.  He became a “No Matter What” person and we can become one too!

But you must be strong and not be discouraged. The work that you do will be rewarded.”     2 Chronicles 15:7

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