Count Your Blessings!

Count Your Blessings!

This Monday morning, start the week feeling the LOVE coming from the Lord, do not ever lose sight, take a moment to count all the beautiful blessings The Lord has given you!  You will be amazed when you reflect on the riches that have been bestowed upon you.

Watch this inspirational story by Nick, an amazing man who was born
with No Arms and No Legs, and counts his blessings every day.  By watching this short video, I promise, you won’t feel sorry rather inspired and blessed.

Have an amazing week dear friend of!

PS: save this email and watch this video every day of this week, it will add so much love and gratitude to your life.
PPS: amazing to watch Nick in this video talking about his disbelief in ever being able to find a wife and now being able to read in his book how he has found the love of his life.
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