So Many GOOD PEOPLE In This World! Here’s Proof

So Many GOOD PEOPLE In This World! Here’s Proof


There are so many GOOD PEOPLE in this world, doing good!  Sometimes we are so busy and focused on other things that we just don’t take the time to actually see the good that people are doing.  It’s all around us everyday.
Watch this video!  It is just a beautiful display of people doing heartfelt things for others.  Acts that are so sweet that you can’t help but feel good, knowing that God is working through so many people in this world.

Take a moment today and see the good happening around you.  It will inspire you!

Live Abundantly!


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  1. Lola Clifton on

    What a beautiful way to begin my day. We are always hearing of the bad , awful things people do, it was such a joy to see there still kind, caring people who reach out to others who need a helping hand. To God be the Glory.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Lynn Smith on

      You are soooo right! We need to stay focused on the good that people do because it’s everywhere.

  2. Debbie on

    I loved that. Nice to here about good things – not always bad. They should put these on the nightly news. Maybe it would inspire more people.

    • Lynn Smith on

      Agreed! Nightly Positive News would be refreshing.

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