Obama Said It Best!

Obama Said It Best!


We voted and we’ve hired a new President!  Obama has addressed the Nation today and his words are poignant and unifying.   As a country we owe it to ourselves to heed his words.  Winner or Loser – Democrat or Republican we are Americans first!

For those who are happy – we must remember that 8 years ago the table was turned – and that is how our Democratic system works.

Paul Ryan said that “Trump heard the voice of the people that nobody else heard”.  It’s good that our voices are being heard!  New voices were brought to light when Obama was elected and now new voices will be heard with Trump.

Uniting our country will be no easy task – it’s the toughest job in the world – President Elect Trump will need our prayers now more than ever.

“(Fast Forward 10 minutes to hear Obama’s speech)”

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