Be On Your Merry Way

Be On Your Merry Way


I have two big reasons for sharing this video.  The father of my two oldest daughters was in a car accident in October and he is now a quadriplegic.  This is a deeply troubling reality in the lives of my two sweet daughters.

Secondly, my oldest son came to visit us the other day and he mentioned that he had seen 7 drivers on their cell phones (!!) on a major highway where the normal speed is at least 70 mph…. ! ….

Please watch this video and the next time you are driving –  please keep in mind that you mean the world to your loved ones and vice versa.  It is so easy to get distracted by our phones when driving.

These are some great tips that have been taught to me:

1)  Always be aware of the car – in front of the car –  that is in front of you (two cars ahead).  If that car is slowing down, be prepared to do the same.
2)  Keep an eye on the cars behind you as well.
2)  Be aware of what the cars in the lanes next to you – on both sides – are doing.
3)  Never drive for any length of time in someone else’s blind spot.
4)  Be a courteous driver but also be prepared to react to someone who is distracted.
5)  While driving, your eyes should constantly be scanning the road, your side mirrors and your rear view mirror- we should never be staring in one place longer than 3 seconds.   (this tip is from my nephew who was the OSHA  compliance officer for a very large construction company)

Stay Alert and Safe!

God Bless You,




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