Meet This Inspiring 94 Year Old Track Star!

Meet This Inspiring 94 Year Old Track Star!


This last Sunday San Diego hosted the 20th annual “Rock and Roll” marathon.  One special runner Harriette Thompson gives everyone a run for their money!

Harriettte is a sweet little 94 year old who began running in her mid 70’s!…  She is a two time cancer survivor and she has been coming from her home in South Carolina – since 1999 – to run in San Diego’s marathon.

This year Harriette finished the half marathon, however, two years ago at the young age of 92 she became the oldest person to complete a full marathon!

Her sweet voice reflects her humble attitude.  Each year she shares that she doesn’t run for the record-setting aspect but rather for the fund raising.  Through her running she has raised over $115,000 for the cancer research.

The next time we feel tired or lazy or achy – let’s reflect on this generous spirited lady.  She compares running to life:  “There were some nice stretches and there were some big hill… The whole experience was enjoyable, except for the potholes.”   Yep – just like life*

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