You Gotta Be Hungry! Les Brown

You Gotta Be Hungry! Les Brown


Les Brown is someone I’ve watched and gone to see for years – He generates so much excitement when he speaks and is such a great source for inspiration and motivation!

Leslie (Les) and his twin brother Weslie were born in an abandoned building and were later adopted by Mamie Brown, a 38-year-old single woman.  She was a hard worker and Les has always said that as a young man growing up – his motivation to earn a good living was his goal to purchase a home for his mother Mamie.

When Les was a young man he was given the label “mentally retarded” by his elementary school educators.  Everything changed for him when he began to listen to a high school teacher and his mother who told him otherwise!

This video is 45 minutes long – I have a few friends who listen to it every morning before they begin their days work.  It’s so good – the time seems to fly by and when you’re done you just feel better and happy and ready to go!


p/s  He did buy his mother a home!


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