Your Love Awakens Me by Phil Wickham

Your Love Awakens Me by Phil Wickham


Phil Wickham’s songs all seem to ignite an energy that is seen in this video.

Phil grew up in a Christian musical family.  After becoming a youth worship leader at his church when he was 13 – his parents encouraged him to write music.  We’re so lucky they did!

Phil has released 8 albums and this song “Your Love Awakens Me” is on his latest album.  He wrote this song after he lost his voice and needed surgery.  At the time he – nor his Dr’s – knew if he would lose his ability to sing … permanently!

Phil:  “During the difficulty of that season I prayed God would speak to me. There’s been just a few times I’ve felt God has spoken direct words right to my soul. God spoke the simple yet massive truth into my heart that He is my Father, I am His child, and He loves me. That He loves us. That we are first and foremost His children. That whatever may come our way, we are His children. That whatever we may be faced with, we are His.”

Phil is still singing – Thank you Lord!

Know that God Loves You*


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