Take her advice and “Don’t give up Hope” – A remarkable message of hope!

Take her advice and “Don’t give up Hope” – A remarkable message of hope!


Clara Gantt met her husband on a train in 1946.  He was serving in the Army and she was on her way to California.  He was smitten by her but she wasn’t sure about him.  She actually wrote a letter to Uncle Sam asking for confirmation that he was a single man.  After receiving a letter acknowledging that “yes” he was indeed single, she married Joseph Gantt two years after they met.

Joseph was a soldier serving in the Korean war as a medic when  in December 1950, Clara received a Christmas card and $100 from him.  That was the last time she ever heard from him.  Shortly after mailing that letter, Joseph was taken prisoner and later it was confirmed that he had died three months later.

He and Clara had spoken about the possibility that if he didn’t come home, she should remarry.  She told him she never would and she never did.  For the next 63 years she kept in touch with the U.S. Government for news of his remains and she diligently prayed and asked the Lord to let her live until he came home.  And finally last month he did and with his return is a message from Clara for all of us who pray for our loved ones; “don’t give up hope” ever!

(Her story begins after 20 seconds)

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    Hello to all
    In this difficult forthwith, I love you all
    Esteem your one’s nearest and friends

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