Life is Like a Cup of Coffee

Life is Like a Cup of Coffee


Check out this great video Life is Like a Cup of Coffee!   So often we complicate our lives way too much and miss the joy of each new day given.  Living simply is a life filled with rich relationships, dynamic adventures and pure joys!

Clear the clutter!  Let go of the many details that don’t really matter.  Focus on the simple things in life that give true meaning!

Live Abundantly,

P.S.  Thanks Of The Day:  Several new opportunities are brewing for my family.  Giving Many Thanks!

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  1. Patty on

    Truly inspirational video. It made me think how many times I don’t enjoy that cup coffee (life) and how I need to stop worrying about the small things in life… like keeping up on the dusting instead of making a call to someone I love. Thank you for sharing

    • Lynn Smith on

      Defiantly, enjoy more! worry less. Have a good evening Patty!

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