Keep Going! Don’t Quit.

Keep Going! Don’t Quit.


Keep Going!  Don’t Quit.
There are moments when things get tough and we feel like giving up, because the road ahead is unknown or looks like a steep climb.  Don’t Give Up!  Check out this video that will inspire you to Keep Going!
I wanted to share with you that almost two months ago, my friend Joe was in a terrible accident.  An under-insured driver turned left in front of him, while riding his motorcycle on the way home from coaching football to under-served, inner-city youth.
Joe suffered two compound fractures in his right leg, broken knee, every tendon and ligament in knee (internal & external) was torn, an open book fracture of his pelvis, ruptured bladder, ripped abdominal wall and broken right wrist.  He then developed MRSA.  He was fortunate not to have any head or spinal injuries and will eventually make a full recovery.
Joe had 5 surgeries in 3 weeks, and was in the trauma unit for 6 weeks, before being released to acute rehab.  Joe’s next surgery is a knee reconstruction on 12/12/14 and he will remain in acute physical therapy for a couple weeks after the surgery and is expected to be out of work for many months.
Joe is a devout Christian and he is not giving up!  The road ahead may look tough, but he is determined to make it to a full recovery.

P.S.  Thanks Of The Day:  I want to thank you in advance for any support you can give to Joe for his medical bills.  Here is the link to support him on Go Fund Me  THANK YOU!!

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  1. Patty on

    Great way to start my day. Thank you for sharing Joe’s story and the very inspirational video!

  2. Joan on

    Why is it that the people who are ” Spreading God’s Word and professing the Gospel ” always take a position of having you ( the individual they are addressing or contacting) best’s interest at heart and the language used is as if you are being given something and then at the end of it comes the sting. ” Please part with your money ” Why should anyone believe you and your motive? On your web-site say so ? ” Your have a very Slick looking Web Site might I add!

    • Lynn Smith on

      Thanks for your response. I believe you are talking about the P.S. where I listed Joe’s GoFundMe page. This was simply a suggestion to help a Christian who is great need. Joe has dedicated his life to God and lives accordingly. I do not have any affiliation to It is simply a site where people in need can raise money for their need. Thanks again for your comment.

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