Thousands LOST–The Cross Of Christ Is There!

Thousands LOST–The Cross Of Christ Is There!


A storm beyond any we have seen takes thousands, and leaves devastation in the Philipplines….

What about those who did not know Jesus or accept Him before they died?  I want to share an awesome revelation I have received in the last couple of years that has given me great comfort in hearing of death and disaster.  This has been my experience and I pray it will help you as it has helped me in knowing what a loving Heavenly Father we have in provision for every soul.

We all pray the relief efforts are magnified and the Angels assist in aiding in the disaster, that  ‘Life will manifest where death is trying to work.’   And the power and strength of God will fill hearts, minds enabling all for the work ahead……all in and through our Jesus!

This in no way heals the empty hurt and pain….however, I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort the Loved Ones left behind with warm memories, His comfort and peace, and renew their faith with His Word.  Blessings in our Jesus and love  in Him!

Carol Purcell

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