God’s Architect – Antoni Gaudi

God’s Architect – Antoni Gaudi


Architect Antoni Gaudi incorporated his passion for nature and religion into all of his commissioned works but it is  the “Sagrada Famila” (Holy Family) which earned him the title of God’s Architect *

All of his works are awe inspiring and currently his biggest consignment; the basilica in Barcelona, Spain is still under construction despite the fact that he passed on in 1926 – Yes, almost 100 years ago!!!

Just two years ago the Pope consecrated the church as a basilica.   The inside of the  basilica has a majestic, whimsical and ethereal quality that seems … well … heavenly while the outside is even more spectacular as it tells the story of the bible.  (Amazingly, this monumental construction is funded entirely with  donations and visitor fees.)

CLICK HERE to watch the video that makes it so  easy to understand how Antoni Gaudi earned that respectful title.

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