7 Steps To Getting Boys To Read

7 Steps To Getting Boys To Read


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Here is a great interview of Mike McQueen, the author of the new book “Getting Boys To Read”.  The Amazon Reviews are fantastic!!!


I finished reading this book and I instantly wished I had had these clear and concise parenting tips when my boys were young. Maybe then we wouldn’t have had so many battles and they would have gotten more enjoyment from their school reading assignments. The parenting tips were clearly marked and I felt that each one was something that could be implemented by me or parents in the fast paced homes of today. I also found the interviews from authors and instructors to be very informative and the links to Mike McQueen’s web page brought to life the ideas he had written about. Mike’s web page is a great resource as well.

This is a must read for teachers and parents who know of struggling male readers or who would like to help boys avoid reading difficulties. I’m going to buy a few more copies so that I can give them as gifts to some young parents I know. Catrherine Johnson


Having a young boy of my own who is struggling with reading, I have found many of Mike’s tips to be incredibly useful. An avid reader myself, I was dismayed by my own son’s paltry reading enjoyment. Little did I realize I was approaching the subject all wrong with him. Through Mike’s many tips (and some ideas that then evolved from them), my little reader is finding a new found love of the written word. We’re certainly not there yet, but Mike’s book has made a big improvement since we started. Thanks Mike for the valuable resource! (And word on the street is that you’re up for visiting schools? Uh… yes, please!) Shawn Harris


I had never heard of Thinking Maps before I read Mikes book. This was one of many great tips I will use to help my 3rd grader understand and process what he read. Having him draw out what he has read and use thought bubbles will allow him to express how he interprets the book and get a better understanding of it. He is a very hands on kid so this will work great for him.

I wish I would have had this book when my now 18 year old son was young. It was such a struggle to get him to read and we could never find books that interested him. I will be using many of these tips for my 3rd grade son, especially the comic book tips. Comic books never crossed my mind as a reading material to help spark his reading interest.

Thanks for a helpful guide with very practical advice.

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