Looking Up

Looking Up


This viral video has averaged over 2 million views a day since it’s debut on YouTube just over 2 weeks ago!  It’s simple message; “Look Up”,  has struck a global cord.

This poem (his first) written by Gary Turk from the U.K. has a simple theme:  “Look Up” from your smartphone, ipad, video game, computer and actually engage – face to face – with the world and the people around you  and yet… everyone is looking at this video on their smartphone, ipads and computers….

His rhyming words give us a lot to ponder…   and just imagine if everyone would look up from their electronics and take the time to “really” look up – even farther – to the heavens…  Now, “that” would be engaging!

Look up at the sky!
Who created the stars you see?
    The one who leads them out like an army,
    he knows how many there are
    and calls each one by name!
His power is so great—
    not one of them is ever missing!

Isaiah 40:26


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