Graduating To New Beginnings

Graduating To New Beginnings


This season of Graduation holds special meaning for me this year.  On Thursday night I was blessed to be able to watch my youngest sister receive a college degree graduating Cum Laude! And she was one of the five graduates who was given the honor of speaking at the commencement!

While in school, my sister shared with me, in detail,  stories about her professors, classes, homework assignments etc. etc.  She balanced her school schedule with a business life and personal life that is filled with children, grandchildren and devoted family and friends – all who have helped her with dinners, carpools, support and much needed encouragement.

Reflecting back I imagine that I understand – a little – how our Heavenly Father must feel about us.  HE too witnesses first-hand all of our challenges, trials and achievements.  HE is there wanting the very best for all of us while offering his support and “HIS WORD(s)”  (the Bible) of encouragement.  HIS hope is that one day we too will graduate from this earth and look forward to a new beginning with HIM*

In this video, Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods ex-wife), speaks at her graduation and she offers her own hopes and words of encouragement.  Congratulations to ALL of the graduates this Commencement season.  May this be a new beginning filled with guidance from above!


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